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I’m Dana Bilokapic senior SKIN lecturer and trainer internationally recognised. I am of European descent but now happily call Australia home. I'm delighted to share my UNIQUE experience I have learned over two decades in the SKIN CARE industry. How to save time, money and have a healthier care for your skin. PLUS - Experience my CUTTING EDGE - AENCESTRAL skin care method, Miracles Advanced Natural Skin Care Solutions... Generations of skin love and expertise. "MEET THE LATEST SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES".

Beauty and Innovation
We are a multi-award WINNING beauty and day spa salon. I lecture in skin, cosmetic chemistry, aroma and herbal medicine. I have dedicated my efforts to well-being and we combine natural tried and tested methods of the past with the latest technology.

Our holistic approach and deep knowledge of skin has delighted hundreds of customers and achieved outstanding lasting healthy beautiful skin.

You want the best information to resolve skin challenges such as:
• Ageing Sun Damage, Pigmentation, WRINKLES, Sensitivity
• Acne/Pimples, Oily Skin, Milia (Whiteheads), Blackheads
• Allergic Reactions, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Rashes

Nourish your inner skin, mind and spirit. Experience the results that can be achieved for you and your family. Our clients have discovered by using the theories of Skin-Ingredients-Knowledge they have been able to overcome fear and anxiety, balance their emotional health and achieved profound skin and health results.

Your skin and circumstances are unique.
You want to achieve the best skin and health results. Our advanced method involve the essential skin analysis and this enables us to provide the best skin treatments for you and the appropriate home care product prescription for your personal skin needs.

Understanding the skin and SKIN CARE ingredients in greater detail will lead you to realization that the SKIN CARE PRODUCT you use regularly should be tailored to your unique skin type. (A skin care product ingredients evaluation service is available).

Natural skin care remedies
Dana's Miracle Advanced skin care products combine the highest quality organic ingredients and ancient wisdom. Vitamins C, E, A which mimics identical ingredients found in the molecular structure of the skin. The range infuses the nutrients deep into the skin layers and aid the skin’s natural healing process. Rehydrate your skin, enhance beauty, self-esteem and relieve tension in the body Each Miracle product offers an integrated approach to everyday beauty, mind and spirit for your unique skin type.


Qualified Professionals
Our Team is committed to your personal well-being. By scanning the world for the best SKIN CARE TREATMENTS and using chemical FREE products we deliver noticeable beauty, mind and health results. Our SKIN CARE methods are ideal for women, Men, Teenagers and Pregnant and Breast feeding Mums.

Multi-Award Winning Salon
Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon have won the prestigious Australian Achiever Award from 2004 to 2015.
The Salon consistently receives a 98% customer satisfaction rating for excellence.

Skin, Mind and Health Results
Value and Communication
We provide a warm, tranquil, soothing and relaxing atmosphere with very high standards.

Our beauty experts invite you to come and experience the joys and delights available at Salus Beauty and Day Spa Salon Manly. We will be happy to discuss the skin care solutions available to help you take charge of reducing and eliminating toxins and preventing the damage being done to your skin and health on a regular basis. Salus will look after your skin.

Conveniently located in the heart of Manly and we are confident we can cater for all your personal needs.

Skin - Ingredients - Knowledge

The Power of SKIN for your Mind and Health 

P: (02) 8966 9616 


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